BC PNP卑诗省省提名申请文件:收购及延承企业计划 申请表 【BC PNP F-006】

BC Provincial Nominee Program – Succession Plan Buy-Out Form
BC 省提名项目 – 收购及延承企业计划 申请表 Feb,2012『BCPNP F-006』

1. Under which category of the PC PNP are you applying?BC PNP 申请类别?

• Business Skills 商业技能
• Regional Business 区域投资
• Strategic Project 策略项目

2. What will be the ownership structure of the proposed business after “buy-out”?

• Sole Ownership 独立拥有
• Partnership 合股

Name of Partners 合伙人姓名
Percentage of Ownership 占有股份
BC PNP Applicants?是BCPNP 申请人?

3. Details of target business before ‘buy-out’待收购目标企业详情

Name of Business 企业名称:
Date Established 创立日期(ddimmlyyyy) :
Year current owners took ownership目前企业所有人拥有该企业的年份:
Date of Exploratory Visit (ddimmlyyyy)考察企业日期:
Number of Employees雇员人数:
Did You Meet With Local Economic Development Office约见当地经济发展办公室? Yes/no
Your position in the company你的职位:
Brief Description of Business 企业概况:

Location of Business 企业地点:

Have you had an in person meeting with the current owners? 你是否与目前的企业主面唔?
Street Name and Number (unit, street) City, Province/State, Country 地址:
Company Website E-mail address 网址/Email

4. Please include the following documents regarding the target business 请提交有关该企业的文件

Financial statements for the 3 most recent years
Business License / Registration
Proof of reasonable effort to determine fair market value (include report if available)
Include pictures of the existing business if available